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Pollokshields Community Council - Polish the Shields

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Investment project code: 1

Polish the Shields is a resident-led group that aims to tackle issues around litter, waste and recycling and to transform Pollokshields into a zero-waste community. The group organises a monthly clean-up that empowers local residents to tidy up the streets, helping restore civic pride in the area.

This monthly event attracts over 40 people at a time, ranging from 6-70 years old and representing a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. The event includes a tea and coffee gathering where residents can get to know each other, develop friendships and build solidarity.

Pollokshields faces challenging issues around fly-tipping, litter and waste. Due to cuts, there are less services available to tackle this. To address this, Polish the Shields is applying for money to undertake and promote its work. Additional litter-picking equipment and catering supplies will be purchased with and a poster campaign to widen residents’ understanding about waste. This application is being led by Pollokshields Community Council, a statutory organisation which seeks to represent the interests of Pollokshields residents to Glasgow City Council and other official bodies. Members are volunteers who give their time to promote the wellbeing of Pollokshields.

Funding Request: £1,995 to fund equipment, promotional materials and catering.

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