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Wing Tsjun – Women’s Self Defence Classes

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 10

Wing Tsjun is a Scottish sports charity providing self-defence and wellbeing classes through the means of Chinese martial arts. Following a one year pilot programme on self-defence for local women, they have identified a need for these classes in Ward 6, with much interest from mums of young members of the club. 80% of enquiries come from women from a BME background because the women-only setting creates the perfect opportunity for attendance. To address this, they are applying for funding to provide free weekly women's self-defence classes and also to create a drop-in facility where women can come for advice regarding their wellbeing, finding healthy activities, fitness, stretching, self-defence and one-to-one sessions to build the confidence to join bigger groups. This will help to fight inequality and tackle financial barriers that stop women from participating in activities. Women will feel safer and healthier. They aim to provide an inclusive atmosphere where women from all backgrounds come together and learn skills to improve their safety and wellbeing; remove financial and social barriers by providing a free service to local women; fight isolation and deprivation; and promote community involvement, equality and togetherness. Funding request: £2,000 to fund coaching, marketing, rent and equipment

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