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Jangling Space - All Can Make

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 11

Jangling Space is a Makers Cooperative; a welcoming space where community can meet, talk, imagine, share and DO. They connect people by engaging them in making stained glass. As a cooperative, they cherish learning, cooperation, participation and democracy.

Jangling Space is far from the norm - on the High Street, but not a shop or a service. They are free to use, but often people need an introduction to understand the idea. A study with University of Glasgow has shown that being together in Jangling Space builds people’s sense of involvement, growing social networks and meaningful activity in their lives. Cooperatives are democratic organisations; everyone gets a say in what happens. This can have empowering and transformational effects. They want to attract new members, giving opportunities for local people to build social capital – creating more connections in their lives and tackling loneliness and isolation. To address this, they are applying for funding for an ‘Outreach Officer’ to link with groups/associations across Ward 6 offering them the chance to participate in making. This would be within allocated time where they can access Jangling Space together and feel comfortable. Funding request: £16,000 to fund staffing, participants’ expenses, materials and wider project costs

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