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The Pollokshields Trust – (New CCTV Camera Maxwell Square Park)

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 13

Pollokshields Trust is a community anchor organisation owned and managed by residents, developing facilities within East Pollokshields to fulfil priorities identified in the 2016 Make Your Mark charrette.

Local residents have serious concerns about behaviours in the area including drug dealing, speeding cars, and anti-social behaviour by organised groups. These concerns are represented in local policy discussions around community safety by Maxwell Square Residents Group, a sub-group of Pollokshields Community Council. Concern peaked after serious disturbances at 2018 Fireworks Night. Fireworks Action groups of community, elected members, police/fire & rescue and Glasgow City Council officers have met over the last year to improve response. However, proposals to tackle these issues have foundered on budgetary constraints. Pollokshields Trust and partners are applying for money to install CCTV in a blind spot around Pollokshields Library, Multi Games Area. It will deter and help provide police with evidence of anti-social behaviour. To achieve this, they will work with partners Maxwell Square Residents Group and Glasgow City Council Neighbourhood & Sustainability (who design and operate the Public Space CCTV Network and are match funding £4,000 for labour, design, management or technical support costs). Funding request: £17,000 to fund purchase and installation of CCTV camera.

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