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Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre – BME Women: Building Communities Project

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Investment project code: 16

Amina is an award winning organisation, recognised within Scotland for its pioneering and responsive approach to addressing the issues and needs of Muslim and BME women.

Often, BME women want to contribute to their communities but feel they don’t have enough confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to do this. Issues like social isolation, inaccessible services, racism/Islamophobia and sexism can all negatively impact BME women. Amina works with women who have experienced hate crimes - verbal abuse, headscarves getting pulled off, bottles smashed on them. To address these issues, Amina wants to build BME women’s capacity in Ward 6 to tackle inequalities, contribute to their neighbourhoods and tackle hate crime, racism and discrimination. They will do this by delivering the SCDC’s accredited community development course to BME women in Ward 6. Participants gain the skills to identify issues of concern, carry out research, identify solutions, influence decision makers and ultimately look at making the lives of their communities better. Amina will also deliver a three day ‘training for trainers’ course on tackling hate crime. Women participating will become ‘changemakers’ and train other women in their communities. Funding request: £19,000 to fund staffing, participants’ expenses and wider costs of delivering the project.

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