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Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice – The Market Garden: Gardener

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 2

PPWH provides free specialist palliative care for people aged 16 or over with life limiting illnesses. The Hospice building in Bellahouston Park has become a hub for local communities, with 750 volunteers including younger and older people as well as people with English as a second language. The Hospice’s gardening project has 20 volunteer gardeners who plant and maintain the areas in front of and around the patient bedrooms so that patients can either view the gardens from their bed or their own courtyard. This induces relaxation and is known to reduce pain and symptoms. The Hospice wishes to extend its gardening project for their patient and family gardens, bringing together the community and reducing social isolation. This includes starting a market garden, working with volunteers and socially isolated or bereaved people to grow produce for use in the kitchen, to make meals for patients, families, staff and visitors, and to make takeaway ready meals for lower income families at a small cost. Funding request: £20,000 to employ a gardener to run the gardens and organise and develop volunteers from the local community.

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