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Southside Housing – Connecting People in Pollokshields

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 20

Southside Housing is a Registered Social Landlord and charity providing good quality, affordable housing. They also provide support services in the form of welfare rights and money advice, and community development programmes. They are governed by a voluntary management committee. Southside Housing’s “Southside Connections” programme helps maintain vulnerable elderly people in their own homes; supporting them to be more independent, confident and healthy. The programme delivers support activities to vulnerable older people in three Independent Living Communities in Pollokshields. Activities include easy exercise; weekly breakfast club; community gardening and digital-inclusion sessions. Many residents suffer from physical/mental-health issues, which lead to isolation and/or loneliness so these communal activities provide invaluable opportunities to interact and meet new people. Feedback from residents and independent evaluators highlights how important and valued these services are but funding has reduced for this service in 2019. To address this, Southside Housing is applying for money to maintain the Southside Connections programme, and to provide a day out for people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go on a trip with the support of staff and volunteers. Funding request: £13,701.92 to fund staffing, volunteer expenses and wider project costs.

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