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Glasgow Disability Alliance Ward 6 Group – Confident, Connected, Contributing

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Investment project code: 23

Glasgow Disability Alliance Ward 6 Group – Confident, Connected, Contributing Ward 6: Accessible community fun day and learning workshops

Glasgow Disability Alliance’s (GDA) Ward 6 Group are a group of local disabled people who aim to build capacity and have their voices heard in community budgeting. They connect and build confidence through peer support and sharing their lived experiences of how to improved disabled people’s lives in the ward. An estimated 6,000 disabled people live in Ward 6, along with a higher proportion of unpaid carers compared to other areas. The Ward 6 Group have highlighted a whole range of barriers which prevent local disabled people from connecting with services and participating in their communities. To address this, they want to organise a fully accessible community fun day to bring together disabled people, their families and friends, connecting them with local support services, reducing isolation, and raising awareness of disabled people’s needs as well as the contributions they can and do make with the right support. This would be followed up with opportunities for local disabled people to take part in workshops to build confidence and capacity. Topics could include health, wellbeing, local history, arts and crafts, accessible exercise, information, music and dance. Funding request: £20,000 to fund accessibility costs, project co-ordination and the wider costs of the project.

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