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Investment project code: 26

The Quad works to maintain and develop the green space known as East Pollokshields Quad. As well as regular events, gardening, recycling and clean up groups, the Quad hosts educational sessions for children and adults. They have hosted Forest School events for Melville St. Nursery and Community Work Students from University of the West of Scotland. Many volunteers and residents have gone into Further and Higher Education and training, or have started up small businesses as a result of opportunities they have had within the Quad to learn new skills, social and emotional intelligence, and individual tutoring from other Quad members. This is particularly true for residents from Black and minority ethnic communities and those with less economic advantage. Environmental improvements and repairs are needed to maintain the Quad’s ability to host this work. To address this, they are applying for money for remove a section of unstable brick wall and replace it with natural beech hedging. They also wish to refurbish two abandoned, burnt out bin sheds to create a tool store and a store for tables, chairs and other equipment which they use to facilitate groups and events within the Quad. Funding request: £15,000 to fund environmental improvements.

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