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Shawlands Shuttles - Shawlands Shuttles Replacement Equipment

geraldtonner geraldtonner  •  2019-11-19  •  Ward 6 Projects  • 


Investment project code: 27

Shawlands Shuttles is a club aimed at promoting and encouraging the sport of badminton, coaching 8–16 year olds on Wednesday evenings and providing and adult and family drop in and play on Fridays. Their ethos is to make the sport fun, affordable and to encourage respect and fair play amongst all players in a relaxed and friendly environment, while building the players self-confidence. The club has been running for 10 years and is still using the same rackets provided as part of its start up by badmintonSCOTLAND. Taking part costs only £1.50 per week, a much lower rate than many other sports clubs in the area, which is welcomed by parents and carers. They are keen to maintain the affordability of the club for all by keeping the rate at £1.50, and so other sources of funding are needed to replace equipment. Shawlands Shuttles is applying for money to replace its rackets and promote the club in local schools, shops and community hubs using leaflets. They would especially like to encourage more adults, families and minority ethnic people to attend, as these groups are currently less well represented. Funding request: £500 to fund 12 badminton rackets and leaflet printing.

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