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Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council – Digital Media International Exchange Pro

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Investment project code: 29

Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council – Digital Media International Exchange Project

Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council (BAPC) supports the parents and pupils of Bellahouston Academy.

The poverty related attainment gap is all too visible within schools in Ward 6. This attainment gap is due in part to a lack of cultural capital. Increasing cultural capital also brings the potential for employment opportunities in the local media industry. To address this, BAPC are applying for money to undertake a digital media project which includes an international exchange visit. Pupils in receipt of free school meals will take part in an exchange with pupils in Rostov-on-Don, Russia – a potentially life changing experience. These pupils would normally not be able to take part in school trips, for financial reasons. Funding would be used to purchase equipment for use by students studying for a National Progression Award in Digital Media. This would permit them to film, store and edit video for use in the multimedia presentation they will help to create as part of the Children of Buchenwald project alongside two schools in Rostov-on-Don and other partners. BAPC will work with partners the Russian Cultural Centre and Bellahouston Academy’s Head of Technologies to achieve this. Funding request: £3,994.92 to fund six return flights, equipment and software.

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