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Investment projects with scope: Ward 6 Projects

This heading has a budget of £200,000


Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre – BME Women: Building Communities Project

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Amina is an award winning organisation, recognised within Scotland for its pioneering and responsive approach to addressing the issues and needs of Muslim and BME women.

Often, BME women want to contribute to their communities but feel they don’t have enough confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding to do this. Issues like social isolation, inaccessible services, racism/Islamophobia and sexism can all negatively impact BME women. Amina works with women who have experienced hate crimes - verbal abuse, headscarves getting pulled off, bottles smashed on them. To address these issues, Amina wants to build BME women’s capacity in Ward 6 to tackle inequalities, contribute to their neighbourhoods and tackle hate crime, racism and discrimination. They will do this by delivering the SCDC’s accredited community development course to BME women in Ward 6. Participants gain the skills to identify issues of concern, carry out research, identify solutions, influence decision makers and ultimately look at making the lives of their communities better. Amina will also deliver a three day ‘training for trainers’ course on tackling hate crime. Women participating will become ‘changemakers’ and train other women in their communities. Funding request: £19,000 to fund staffing, participants’ expenses and wider costs of delivering the project.


Pollokshields Community Council - Polish the Shields

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Polish the Shields is a resident-led group that aims to tackle issues around litter, waste and recycling and to transform Pollokshields into a zero-waste community. The group organises a monthly clean-up that empowers local residents to tidy up the streets, helping restore civic pride in the area.

This monthly event attracts over 40 people at a time, ranging from 6-70 years old and representing a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. The event includes a tea and coffee gathering where residents can get to know each other, develop friendships and build solidarity.

Pollokshields faces challenging issues around fly-tipping, litter and waste. Due to cuts, there are less services available to tackle this. To address this, Polish the Shields is applying for money to undertake and promote its work. Additional litter-picking equipment and catering supplies will be purchased with and a poster campaign to widen residents’ understanding about waste. This application is being led by Pollokshields Community Council, a statutory organisation which seeks to represent the interests of Pollokshields residents to Glasgow City Council and other official bodies. Members are volunteers who give their time to promote the wellbeing of Pollokshields.

Funding Request: £1,995 to fund equipment, promotional materials and catering.


PPSPC - Inclusive and fun Winter Arts Festival at Pollokshields Primary School

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Pollokshields Primary School Parent Council (PPSPC) is a constituted group of parents and carers with children at Pollokshields Primary School. For the past four years, we have organised a popular Winter Arts Festival, turning Pollokshields Primary School into a Winter Wonderland for an evening in December. The Festival is for all children and families in our diverse community, providing a unique opportunity for people of all ages, religions, cultures and backgrounds to come together and share a fun winter event. The Festival will be a chance for children to experience a range of high-quality arts experiences with their families, enjoying a mix of school, local and professional music, dance, theatre and arts activities. Opportunities to experience these activities aren’t there for every child in an area where many family incomes don't stretch to seeing live music, theatre or cultural activities. We want to make sure that every child in Pollokshields is able to experience all that the Festival has to offer. To make this possible, PPSPC is applying for funding to provide these opportunities free of charge to children and families, ensuring that our event is open to all. Funding request: £2,600 to fund hall hire, entertainment, catering and promotion.


The Hidden Gardens – Accessible greenspace for all

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

The Hidden Gardens charitable trust cares for the free, public greenspace that is The Hidden Gardens. It attracts 25,000 visitors annually and was created because local people said that greenspace was lacking in their community.

They provide educational activities through art and horticulture, support volunteering and offer events and activities for local communities. Feedback shows that local people see the Gardens as an urban oasis and have a sense of ownership and community but there is a need for better promotion. Feedback also shows that for some people, needing to walk through the Tramway (a large, busy arts venue) to reach the Gardens makes them less accessible. A new, separate entrance is being developed and work is needed to make this and the indoor spaces safer, useful and accessible for all. To address these issues, they are applying for funding for building repairs, ground maintenance, lighting and improvements to facilities; promotional materials; and additions to existing interpretation panels to tell the rich and vibrant story of the Gardens’ achievements in creating a sense of unity within the diverse local community over the past 16 years. Funding request: £18,605 to fund improvement work, promotion, art work and wider project costs.


Southside Housing – Community Ownership of the Land Around our Homes

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Southside Housing is a Registered Social Landlord and charity providing good quality, affordable housing. They also provide support services in the form of welfare rights and money advice, and community development programmes. They are governed by a voluntary management committee. Residents of Southside Housing properties in the St. Andrew’s Drive area have expressed concerns about environmental maintenance in their area. These concerns include poor maintenance of surfaces and grass, exposure to traffic and flooding. The public spaces in the area bounded by the Sikh Temple, the railway line, St. Andrews Drive and St. Andrews Crescent are currently owned and maintained by Glasgow City Council, but Southside Housing is interested in exploring a transfer of the land to allow them to improve and maintain it, as a community controlled charity. To address this, they are applying for money to fund a feasibility study and produce a masterplan reflecting communities’ priorities for the area. An architect would be appointed to carry this out, engaging the local community to identify what they want to achieve and whether they feel Southside Housing is well placed to undertake this work. Funding request: £12,840 to fund architecture consultancy, cost of community engagement and wider project costs.


Stepup Scotland – Where Adventures Begin

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Stepup is a community organisation based in Pollokshields, working mainly with BAME communities but open to everyone. It organises a range of outdoor activities and trips which help build confidence, skills, fitness and sense of belonging.

Heart attack, diabetes and stroke rates are much higher within BAME communities. There is a great need for exercise, but unfortunately gym membership is too expensive and many people can’t afford gym membership. There is also a local need to support mental health and well-being. Experience of poverty is a barrier to taking part in activities. To address this, Stepup want to put together a programme of activities including hiking, cycling, kayaking/canoeing, indoor sports and activities, community building and social events and environmental awareness. Stepup is applying for money to subsidise this 12 month programme of activities so that the cost can be reduced and affordable for a wider range of local families and individuals. Stepup will pay half the cost of bus hire. Partners Scottish Youth Forum will train Stepup volunteers on local environmental issues to improve the approach to protecting the environment. Funding request: £5,044 to fund contribution to bus hire, hiking and navigation equipment and mountain leader training.


Mark Makers Community Common – Tools for Community

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

The Pollokshields Trust is a community anchor organisation and registered charity - owned and managed by residents. It provides support and develops projects within East Pollokshields to fulfil priorities identified in the 2016 Make Your Mark charrette. They are leading this application on behalf of one project – Mark Makers - which is developing a Community Common, local volunteer force and localised service provision to reverse local poverty. The space will become a community greenspace with community café, toilets, changing room, meeting space, sports fields and skill-training spaces and renewable energy hub. Its design resulted from community engagement with a wide range of residents and is part of a Masterplan for East Pollokshields, a neighbourhood with multiple deprivation and a 53% BME population. Existing funding does not provide money for necessary materials and tools required to support volunteers or safety equipment to run the project.

The team also want to encourage the community to volunteer, retrain and utilise the on-site workshops for own projects. They are applying for money to provide safety equipment, purchase appropriate tools and install the tool bank, to enable more local people to take part. Funding request: £12,800 to fund purchase and installation of tools and equipment.



2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

The Quad works to maintain and develop the green space known as East Pollokshields Quad. As well as regular events, gardening, recycling and clean up groups, the Quad hosts educational sessions for children and adults. They have hosted Forest School events for Melville St. Nursery and Community Work Students from University of the West of Scotland. Many volunteers and residents have gone into Further and Higher Education and training, or have started up small businesses as a result of opportunities they have had within the Quad to learn new skills, social and emotional intelligence, and individual tutoring from other Quad members. This is particularly true for residents from Black and minority ethnic communities and those with less economic advantage. Environmental improvements and repairs are needed to maintain the Quad’s ability to host this work. To address this, they are applying for money for remove a section of unstable brick wall and replace it with natural beech hedging. They also wish to refurbish two abandoned, burnt out bin sheds to create a tool store and a store for tables, chairs and other equipment which they use to facilitate groups and events within the Quad. Funding request: £15,000 to fund environmental improvements.


Merry-Go-Round – Merry-Go-Round expansion of events programme

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Merry-Go-Round (MGR) is a community-led charity who provide a range of facilities and services to local families - in the main, providing access to pre-loved high quality, low cost children’s goods. MGR provides both volunteering and employment opportunities, with a structured volunteering programme that grows skills and confidence in the community.

MGR recently had start-up funding for a well-received programme of events, including an events coordinator role. The positive support provided through this events programme includes specific classes, groups and events that meet a wide range of local needs for parents and families, including around education, mental health and wellbeing, financial inclusion, reducing isolation and environmental impact. MGR are applying for money to allow the events work to continue through delivery of a tailored programme for local families. They will increase the number and types of events, and develop new activities based on feedback and to address barriers. Also, an engagement campaign will be developed so that more people in the Ward can be part of decision making about the activities on offer. This will especially target families facing additional barriers, with support to engage. Funding request: £10,797 to fund staffing, engagement campaign and travel expenses for families.


Pollokshields Development Agency – PDA Jigsaw Project

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Pollokshields Development Agency’s (PDA) mission is to promote integration and regeneration into the heart of the community, through listening to local people and responding by developing unique and culturally sensitive services to meet needs, particularly of the most vulnerable and socially isolated in the local community. PDA provides a wide range of clubs, classes and other services to meet local people’s needs.

PDA is applying for money to provide a programme of workshops tailored to meet the needs of specific sections of the community (i.e. women, men, young people, families), plus one-day taster sessions to influence the development of future services. They will also provide a light lunch and refreshments, as many residents in the local area are subject to food poverty. Incorporating a meal into these activities is a dignified way to address this need in a social, sharing, community environment. A workshop series tailored for these specific groups will be provided on employability, confidence building, creative writing, health and wellbeing and money. One day sessions will be held on bereavement, menopause, ‘moaning’ (an opportunity to air grievances without being judged), arts and crafts, CV writing and cookery. Funding request: £17,557.50 to fund staffing, hall hire, activities and refreshments.