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Investment projects with scope: Ward 6 Projects

This heading has a budget of £200,000


Wing Tsjun – Women’s Self Defence Classes

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Wing Tsjun is a Scottish sports charity providing self-defence and wellbeing classes through the means of Chinese martial arts. Following a one year pilot programme on self-defence for local women, they have identified a need for these classes in Ward 6, with much interest from mums of young members of the club. 80% of enquiries come from women from a BME background because the women-only setting creates the perfect opportunity for attendance. To address this, they are applying for funding to provide free weekly women's self-defence classes and also to create a drop-in facility where women can come for advice regarding their wellbeing, finding healthy activities, fitness, stretching, self-defence and one-to-one sessions to build the confidence to join bigger groups. This will help to fight inequality and tackle financial barriers that stop women from participating in activities. Women will feel safer and healthier. They aim to provide an inclusive atmosphere where women from all backgrounds come together and learn skills to improve their safety and wellbeing; remove financial and social barriers by providing a free service to local women; fight isolation and deprivation; and promote community involvement, equality and togetherness. Funding request: £2,000 to fund coaching, marketing, rent and equipment


Jangling Space - All Can Make

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Jangling Space is a Makers Cooperative; a welcoming space where community can meet, talk, imagine, share and DO. They connect people by engaging them in making stained glass. As a cooperative, they cherish learning, cooperation, participation and democracy.

Jangling Space is far from the norm - on the High Street, but not a shop or a service. They are free to use, but often people need an introduction to understand the idea. A study with University of Glasgow has shown that being together in Jangling Space builds people’s sense of involvement, growing social networks and meaningful activity in their lives. Cooperatives are democratic organisations; everyone gets a say in what happens. This can have empowering and transformational effects. They want to attract new members, giving opportunities for local people to build social capital – creating more connections in their lives and tackling loneliness and isolation. To address this, they are applying for funding for an ‘Outreach Officer’ to link with groups/associations across Ward 6 offering them the chance to participate in making. This would be within allocated time where they can access Jangling Space together and feel comfortable. Funding request: £16,000 to fund staffing, participants’ expenses, materials and wider project costs


The Glendale Women’s Café – Creating an Inclusive Community

2019-11-21  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

The Glendale Women’s Café is a charity established to foster a cohesive neighbourhood in Pollokshields through providing a welcoming cafe-style environment with engaging activities for local women. They build skills, confidence and friendships in a free, drop-in space, open every Tuesday during term time. The charity is governed by local women and the weekly offers are organised in response to local needs and suggestions from women. Examples of activities include ESOL classes, sewing sessions, arts and crafts workshops, shared celebration meals, local history discussion groups, health information and massage therapy. They hold “Soup in the Loop” lunches where they invite other charities and services to present to the group, encouraging engagement with other local opportunities and the wider community. All activities are free of charge and there is always a free healthy lunch of soup or daal available. To keep providing these valuable activities for women within the safe and enabling space of The Café, they are applying for money to match fund their programme for the coming year. Funding request: £6,700 to match fund core expenses such as workers, rent, workshops and activities.


SoulRiders – Build it! Ride It!

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

SoulRiders is a community-led social enterprise aiming to create stronger communities through cycling. Supporting people from minority ethnic backgrounds through their Community Cycling Centre, they refurbish donated bikes that are given back to the community, carry out bicycle repairs and offer mechanical training. They also undertake projects using cycling to engage with vulnerable minority ethnic people, tackling social challenges such as climate change, social isolation and lack of physical activity. To address these challenges, SoulRiders are applying for money to develop the ‘Build it! Ride It!’ Project, Scotland’s first minority ethnic focussed Build Your Own Bike programme. This ten week course will enable people to refurbish a bike and keep it for free, have mechanical training on maintaining it, led rides to build confidence and social events to create new friendships and combat isolation. This innovative approach will help develop life skills and cater for transport needs. It will particularly aim to benefit groups likely to experience poverty and socio-economic challenges. They will work with partners Common Wheel (creators of the award-winning Build Your Own Bike programme) and Southside Housing, who will refer participants. Funding request: £19,000 to fund staffing, second-hand bikes and materials, and wider project costs.


Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council – Digital Media International Exchange Pro

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council – Digital Media International Exchange Project

Bellahouston Academy Parents’ Council (BAPC) supports the parents and pupils of Bellahouston Academy.

The poverty related attainment gap is all too visible within schools in Ward 6. This attainment gap is due in part to a lack of cultural capital. Increasing cultural capital also brings the potential for employment opportunities in the local media industry. To address this, BAPC are applying for money to undertake a digital media project which includes an international exchange visit. Pupils in receipt of free school meals will take part in an exchange with pupils in Rostov-on-Don, Russia – a potentially life changing experience. These pupils would normally not be able to take part in school trips, for financial reasons. Funding would be used to purchase equipment for use by students studying for a National Progression Award in Digital Media. This would permit them to film, store and edit video for use in the multimedia presentation they will help to create as part of the Children of Buchenwald project alongside two schools in Rostov-on-Don and other partners. BAPC will work with partners the Russian Cultural Centre and Bellahouston Academy’s Head of Technologies to achieve this. Funding request: £3,994.92 to fund six return flights, equipment and software.


East Pollokshields Out of School Care

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

East Pollokshields Out of School Care (EPOSC) has been functioning for 26 years, governed by a voluntary board of trustees consisting of parents. It provides out of school care and holiday care for all four primary schools in East Pollokshields. This supports parents within the area to maintain full/part time employment, training or education. They aim to provide flexible and affordable childcare in a stimulating, challenging and safe environment. They promote the dignity of service users and staff through the values of respecting safety, privacy and diversity. EPOSC is applying for money to provide a programme of activities which they would not normally be able to offer, during both school term-time and holidays. They hope to build children’s holistic development and confidence by providing activities which involve a level of risky play and are interesting and adventurous. Activities suggested by children and their parents include outdoor pursuits, indoor and outdoor physical activities, rest and relaxation, planned trips and outings, healthy eating, food and nutrition and educational talks. This will create positive outcomes including increased confidence and self-esteem, experiences of peer support and development of trusting relationships between children from the different school communities. Funding request: £20,000 to fund staffing, activities, equipment and resources.


Merry-Go-Round – Merry-Go-Round expansion of events programme

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Merry-Go-Round (MGR) is a community-led charity who provide a range of facilities and services to local families - in the main, providing access to pre-loved high quality, low cost children’s goods. MGR provides both volunteering and employment opportunities, with a structured volunteering programme that grows skills and confidence in the community.

MGR recently had start-up funding for a well-received programme of events, including an events coordinator role. The positive support provided through this events programme includes specific classes, groups and events that meet a wide range of local needs for parents and families, including around education, mental health and wellbeing, financial inclusion, reducing isolation and environmental impact. MGR are applying for money to allow the events work to continue through delivery of a tailored programme for local families. They will increase the number and types of events, and develop new activities based on feedback and to address barriers. Also, an engagement campaign will be developed so that more people in the Ward can be part of decision making about the activities on offer. This will especially target families facing additional barriers, with support to engage. Funding request: £10,797 to fund staffing, engagement campaign and travel expenses for families.


Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice - Gardening Equipment

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

PPWH provides specialist palliative care for people aged 16 or over with life limiting illnesses. The Hospice in Bellahouston Park has 750 volunteers including younger and older people as well as people with English as a second language. This includes 20 volunteers who plant and maintain the areas in front and around patient bedrooms, so that patients can view the gardens from their bed or their own courtyard. This induces relaxation and is known to reduce pain and symptoms.

The Hospice wishes to extend its gardening project for their patient and family gardens, bringing together the community and reducing social isolation. Equipment and machinery will be needed to support this. The Hospice has applied separately for funding to employ a gardener to manage the gardens and organise/develop volunteers and start a market garden, working with volunteers to grow produce for use in the kitchen, to make meals for patients, families, staff and visitors, and make takeaway meals for lower income families at a small cost. This additional application is for funding for equipment needed to maintain and enrich the gardens. Funding request: £2,764 to fund gardening machinery and equipment.


PPSPC - Inclusive and fun Winter Arts Festival at Pollokshields Primary School

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

Pollokshields Primary School Parent Council (PPSPC) is a constituted group of parents and carers with children at Pollokshields Primary School. For the past four years, we have organised a popular Winter Arts Festival, turning Pollokshields Primary School into a Winter Wonderland for an evening in December. The Festival is for all children and families in our diverse community, providing a unique opportunity for people of all ages, religions, cultures and backgrounds to come together and share a fun winter event. The Festival will be a chance for children to experience a range of high-quality arts experiences with their families, enjoying a mix of school, local and professional music, dance, theatre and arts activities. Opportunities to experience these activities aren’t there for every child in an area where many family incomes don't stretch to seeing live music, theatre or cultural activities. We want to make sure that every child in Pollokshields is able to experience all that the Festival has to offer. To make this possible, PPSPC is applying for funding to provide these opportunities free of charge to children and families, ensuring that our event is open to all. Funding request: £2,600 to fund hall hire, entertainment, catering and promotion.


Mark Makers Community Common – Tools for Community

2019-11-19  •  geraldtonner  •  Ward 6 Projects

The Pollokshields Trust is a community anchor organisation and registered charity - owned and managed by residents. It provides support and develops projects within East Pollokshields to fulfil priorities identified in the 2016 Make Your Mark charrette. They are leading this application on behalf of one project – Mark Makers - which is developing a Community Common, local volunteer force and localised service provision to reverse local poverty. The space will become a community greenspace with community café, toilets, changing room, meeting space, sports fields and skill-training spaces and renewable energy hub. Its design resulted from community engagement with a wide range of residents and is part of a Masterplan for East Pollokshields, a neighbourhood with multiple deprivation and a 53% BME population. Existing funding does not provide money for necessary materials and tools required to support volunteers or safety equipment to run the project.

The team also want to encourage the community to volunteer, retrain and utilise the on-site workshops for own projects. They are applying for money to provide safety equipment, purchase appropriate tools and install the tool bank, to enable more local people to take part. Funding request: £12,800 to fund purchase and installation of tools and equipment.